Thursday, September 6, 2007

Five Poems on Death

Death Returns

Death returns: it establish no resting place;

I saw it in flight, last nighttime over the Sierras;

beneath the last trips of twilight—!

The condor's wings covered death's decent;

and semivowels now through the air in peace!

Yet death's tail-shadow go forths at dawn, to

go back at dusk, blue-bellied full—as

if it have swallowed a giant (once again).

The condor, the condor, likened to a fly in a web

decease happens no rest, only new flesh, new flesh!

No: 1949 8-27-2007


The Roots of the Earth

Death have a manner of saying Hello, when it intends Goodbye!

We beingnesses on earth's surface never really disappear—only


From the minute of decease the organic structure will change, you can't

hear it, it simply acquires foggy—becoming the roots of the earth.

No: 1950 8-27-2007

The Mystery of Life

How enigmas to be born a human being

—and then to decease as one!

To be able to rinse off those old fleshy garments

of bark and milky-clay…!

We are the honored ones—(you know)

given to a whole human race system—:

1 manus stretch to Heaven the other to hell;

the truth is, we have got got got two flavors.

Those who have not been born yet:

adult male and animal are not so far apart

(and very difficult to please).

No: 1951 8-27-2007

Dialogue with the Devil

"I'll do a battalion with you," said He to me (the Devil),

"I have detested you long enough. I first proverb you as

a child—then when you were old adequate to do friends

I saw you again…. It was you who worshiped my kinds

of sins—then you broke away, but now is the clip to start

carving new adventures. Iodine have got left one run down and root for

you—let there be commercialism between us?"

I said back to Him, "Dark eyed, tusk scandaled, there

is none like thee, among heaven, Earth or hell; none with

such arsenic Swift feet, like your tongue—dark as midnight

are your shoulders—face of a dead seabed."

No: 1954, 8-28-2007

Selected for Death

"No, no! Go from me—!" I left decease lately in her sheath

—oh! Dim it was, for she surrounded me.

Thin, are her arms, yet such as a grip—they jump me,

immoveable, and left me…cloaked, as in a web,

a cocoon—subtle and fleet she was, like magic, in her


"No, no! I cried, "go from me, I have got still your taste—

your scent, your soot, your aye—halt!"

(But she wouldn't listen.)

No: 1952 8-28-2007

Death Passed Me Once


This adult male knew the secrets of decease

(he project them over my head).

No adult male could cognize such as things, unless

he was portion of it.

And now he's gone, he up and left—

(just like that…).

Iodine called, "Are you near?" and he did

not reply me back.

Then at the end of my bed, I saw—why!

There stood in my infirmary room, the

eyes and shoulders of a great being:

He did not speak, —he simple watched

over me.

No: 1953 8-28-2007


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