Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where Is the Sun

Today, I stood at the autobus halt somewhere in Greater London and my feet froze. I thought it was summer, or so the functionary clip have been telling me. "British Summer time". What have happened. Where is the summer? The weekend should have got been a warm one, 1 depository financial institution vacation gone another depository financial institution vacation coming soon. It is exactly as it says, a vacation for the Banks and no 1 else... without the sun and warmth, vacations don't experience like holidays.

People alteration when it is warm, they smile at you, nod in recognition and even sometimes state "nice twenty-four hours love". After being cocooned up all winter, the organic structure shouts gasping "vitamin Vitamin Vitamin Vitamin D vitamin D" "Give me vitamin D", toes look up at you and state "I desire to be free and colourful"...

The head travels into contrary manner in winter. Things that one tolerated when it was summertime go bothersome and intolerable. For example, that other five minute delay for the bus, or the presence of aliens (I have got experienced that). This looks to convey a scowl across the confronts of the indigenous not because they detest you but because they are fed up of life in the dull, damp, environment and as everyone knows, if you can't fault yourself or nature for a situation, incrimination person else...

If Iodine could transport the sunlight from the equator to Greater London I would, and would gladly pay the surplus luggage complaints the air hoses charge, just so that I could share it with everyone for FREE! Winter conveys sniffles, headaches, overspending and depressive eating.

The sun also conveys out surprises... Why else would you happen so many yet to be born appearing as soon as the sun come ups out. It is as though coats and jackets kept them concealed and the sun opened the gateway for them so they could shout, "look at me, I am about to be born,". I pray that the existent summertime come ups soon so that when the children who are out of school demand to play, the sun rather than Xboxes, PS2's and computing machines maintain them occupied. The sun do children act like children,it conveys out their youth. Until then I am thawing my toes against the radiator which was switched back on today.

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