Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Mind Muted

A cold eventide and somehow the noise have died down. I happen my manner up to the top of my flat for no peculiar reason. The twenty-four hours was good.

The zephyr was strong, yet somehow it slowed down, as if in a grade of regard to me it looks to have got bowed to me. It's not gushing any more, just fluxes down gently singing a soothing short letter and cool just adequate to direct surprising a iciness down me now and again.

There are children playing down there, but they look distant.. almost in another world. I lie down with my custody behind my head, looking at a sky that somehow looks new. There is a new sky tonight.

My breath decelerates down, deciding to rest for a while. Its been running difficult for over 2 decennaries now, but the air looks to have got set it in a unusual trance.. and it looks to put down beside me.. taking a intermission before toiling to maintain me alive again...

give me this moment

it looks so much mine

for in this moment

i feel i ain time

I close my eyes, the darkness looks lighter today. The ageless achromatic of the nighttime have a unusual chromaticity of a colour I don't cognize of.. there is a flicker in the apparent horizon which I don't really see. I felt as if person was looking over me; a minute go throughs by and now I experience person is looking at the human race through me and my closed eyes.

Eyes open, I sit down up staring at the window of an flat across the road. I don't recognize anything, I can't calculate out anything. Resting on my custody stretched behind me I look up at the sky. It is blank, much like my head and so thoughtless Iodine stare. It seemed as if a heavy head just lost its weight and floats. A plume with a aureate touch is all Iodine see though it is nowhere near me. Iodine bask in that moment.

I see nothing, I hear nothing.. I believe nothing.. yet at that minute I didn't experience no happiness.. of course of study there was no follow of compunction either, but it wasn't a state of happiness... still I wanted to stay in that state and just as I thought a diffident smiling spread.. a loud honk below and my eyes open.. I hear the noise below... children laughing and shouting, the birds of the eventide chirping flying about with a cheerful temperament to themselves. The idea of felicity ..the smile.. it broke me away from that moment.. I was feeling cheerful now but it wasn't what I was a minute back.. this cheeriness seemed uncomplete for its not what Iodine sought...I wanted to be in that minute .. thoughtless and pristine.. I looked around trying to happen an reply .. a happy adult male was looking for something beyond

The minute passed it never came back... and I inquire now is it felicity that we seek in life..

staring at the world

from up above

i proverb the impostor

that a smiling be

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