Sunday, May 27, 2007

Being Friends With Your ExGirlFriend When You Still Are Attracted To Her Doesnt Work

Is it possible to be friends with a woman who breaks up with you even though you still want to be in a relationship with her?

It is possible, but it isn't healthy for you or does any good.

The reality of life is men and women can be friends or lovers, but never be both at the same time.

You can change a friend into a lover and a lover into a friend but you can't be both.

If you still want her as a lover it is impossible to treat her as a friend.
As a friend, you might hear about her current activities with the new men (Lovers) in her life and sometimes even be a witness to those facts.

As a lover in wanting pretending to be a friend, you will treat your time together as if you were actual lovers and you will treat and react to her new lovers in the same way a man who is her lover would.

Yu will become angry, jealous and very upset.

Whether or not you show how you really feel will all depend on how weak you have allowed yourself to become.

The weaker you get the less you will be able to show how you really feel.

In addition, the longer you continue to act as a friend even though you wish to be her lover, the longer you will not be able to attract any other women into your life as well.

Even though acting like you are still friends after the break up may seem okay or even easy to do.
As long as you have feelings for her in a "Lover" kind of a way, it is the worst thing you can do for you and any chance you might have with her or any other woman.

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it's hard being friends with someone you're still attracted to~
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